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Dental Package

A Complete Oral Package Offering Fresher Breath for Your Perfectly Kissable Pet.
Pkg Includes:
*Teeth Brushing
*Fresh Breath Spray
*Oral Care Dog Bone
*"Yip Yap" Breath Fresheners


Flea/Tick Funeral Package

Pkg Includes:
*Adams Flea & Tick Spray Application (Case-by-Case Basis)
*Fresh & Clean Flea & Tick Shampoo
*Fresh & CleanCream Rinse
*Special Attention to Coat with Flea Comb
*Bio-Spot Home Application for 1 Month (optional)

Sensative Skin Package

A Package Specifally Designed to Comfort the Dog
with Sensative Skin.
*Hypo-Allergenic or Oatmeal Shampoo
*Gentle Oatmeal Conitioner for Irritated Skin
*Oatmeal Soothing Skin Spray that Calms Skin
*Hot Spot Treatment Applied to Trouble Spots
*Long-Lasting Scent Drops NOT Applied to Skin,
but Applied to Collar Instead

Shedless Package

A Extra Long Brushing with a Special Implement used for taking out MOUNDS of Undercoat
Reduces Shedding 80- 90%. Lasts Upto 6 Wks.
*FURminator Shedless Shampoo
*FURminator Shedless Conditioning Treatment
*FURminator deShedding Treats
*Special Attention Given to Remove Undercoat Hair

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