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Aroma Therapy Package

  A Relaxing Package for the Hyper or Tense Dog. Available in Calming Lavendar or Soothing Camomile & Oatmeal.
Pkg Includes:
*Aroma Therapy Shampoo
*Conditioning Treatment
*Aroma Therapy Cologne - Calming Lavendar
or Smoothing Camomile & Oatmeal.

Lavish Milk Bath Package-

  A Top-of-the-Line Moisture Package that Turns Every Bath into a Luxury, Deep-Conditioning Salon Treatment, with "Pearls Au Lait"--the Ultimate Coat Care.
Pkg Includes:
*Moisturizing Half & Half Milk Bath with Conditioning Agents
*GloCoat Leave-in Conditioning Spray
*Milk Bone Treat

Yuppy Puppy/Baby Package

  An Upgrade Uniquely  Designed for Puppies Under 6 Months,
Just Beginning that "Breed Cut", Which Requires a Higher Degree of Maintenance.
*Baby Powder Shampoo
*Baja Baby Crème Rinse
*Special "Puppy Attention" to Breed Cut
*Baby Powder Cologne
*Baby's 1st Playmate (a plush toy)
*House-Breaking Puppy Pad
*A Healthy Treat for Puppies
  "PET"-a-Cure Package
  A Package "Paw"satively Unlike Any Other, Focusing on Healthy Paw Pad Maintenance--Especially Nice During the Winter Months Helping to Protect Paw Pads from Irritating Snow & Salts.
*Spa Shampoo Customized for Coat & Skin Type
*Luxury Remoisturizing Conditioner
*"Pet"-A-Cure Soak & Scrub Exfoliant
*"Pet"-A'Cure Rub w/ Protectant & Conditioning Agents
*Doggie Nail Buffing
*Doggie Nail Pawlish (Black or White Color option for Males)
*Dog "Paw" Treat

Prince/Princess Package-

  The Most Luxurious of Packages, Which Makes Your Pet
the Perfect Prince or Princess in Town.
Pkg Includes:
*Spa Shampoo Customized for Coat /Skin Type
*Luxury Remoisturzing Conditioner
*GloCoat Leave-in Conditioning Spray
*Doggie Nail Pawlish or Doggie Nail Buffing (your choice)
*Rhinestone Tiara or Rhinestone Charm (your choice)
*Gourmet Treat
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